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Custom Closetx

What does your dream closet look like? Tell the experts at Designs by KB, and we’ll turn that dream into a reality! We enjoy redesigning closets to bring both beauty and functionality to your room.

Kitchen with beautiful counter tops
Kitchen with beautiful counter tops

Different Closet Typesx

Two of the main closets people have in their homes are walk-in and reach-in closets. The best kind for you depends on how big your home is, your remodeling budget, and how many clothes you have. No matter which one you decide for your home, we promise it’ll bring you satisfaction, comfort, elegance, and usability.

Walk-In Closetx

Most master bedrooms will come with a spacious walk-in closet. It’s large enough to hold all your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. These are great for collectors and those who have a lot of ties, hats, jewelry, belts, and more.

One of the cool things about walk-in closets is that they can also serve as your personal dressing room if you want. You can add a mirror and vanity to have everything you need to get ready in one space.

Some other advantages of having a walk-in closet include:

  • More storage
  • Gives you a private place to change
  • Easy to organize
  • Big enough to share with someone else

Reach-In Closetx

A reach-in closet is ideal for minimalists and those with smaller homes. They’re cute and functional, but not recommended for those with a huge wardrobe. Most reach-in closets include storage elements like bars, shelves, and drawers, making organization a breeze.

The beauty of reach-in closets is that you can spend less time getting ready. All your clothes, jewelry, and other accessories are in one spot, so you won’t have to waste time going from one side of the room to the other.

Some other benefits of having a reach-in closet are:

  • Comes with storage elements
  • Allows you to see everything at once
  • Forces you to stay organized
  • Minimalistic

Do You Want a Custom Closet in Palm Beach, FL? x

If your closet is due for an upgrade, make sure to call Designs by KB. A new, custom closet will transform your space, help keep you organized, and give all your friends something to talk about! Give us a call today to get started.

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